Should I Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

So why is a traffic ticket lawyer so necessary sometimes?
Well, the last thing someone needs these days is to have another thing to pay. For example, this can happen if you end up having a traffic violation and get a ticket from a police officer. It’s usually unexpected, can be quite a lot of money, and can be stressful because failure to pay will simply increase the amount owed on it!
While the notion of quotas needing to be met has been disproved in many instances, it still feels as if police officers appear to be writing up a certain number of traffic tickets to be looked at in a performance review.
Whatever the reason may be, the El Paso Police Department and the rest of the state of Texas police agencies have a significant number of people dedicated to ensuring the driving roads are safe. Therefore, they will not hesitate to write a traffic ticket when they feel there’s been a violation of any traffic law.
El Paso Traffic Ticket Firm

What is a traffic violation?
You may be aware of some of these already, but let’s go over some of them to be sure. First, texting while driving is illegal in Texas and is easy to avoid, as long as you can avoid your phone while driving. This includes using a mobile device (not just texting). Speeding and driving when you’re under the influence of a substance like alcohol are illegal as well.
Another common traffic violation is not using child car seats or not wearing your seatbelt. It is also illegal to drive in El Paso without a driver’s license as well, and that can be a serious compounding violation.
The reasoning needs to be quite strong if there are tickets related to driving without a driver’s license. While we help with all types of traffic tickets possible, ensure there’s proper evidence for your case, especially when driving without a license. That can be one of the more expensive tickets, and combined, without any type of insurance can be an even bigger fine. If there is any accident when this occurs, then it’s immediately seen as a misdemeanor and could include jail time.

A Valid Texas Driver’s License is Crucial
Also, when it comes to any other violation, having a valid driver’s license will help me as your traffic ticket lawyer, even more, to work towards reducing your fines or case. We know that these scenarios are few and far between, but we want to note that we’ll fight for your rights with any ticket you may get.
Just to know the most common traffic violations in Texas, you’ll see that the primary type is usually a minor traffic violation. While it’s one of the more populous states with millions of drivers, they tend to be a bit safer than others, so there’s always a good chance to take your case to court.

Why not just pay the ticket itself and move on?
There are times when we feel that simply paying the fine brings the right mix of civil duty and removing the problem immediately. After all, a civil servant stated you broke the rules, so you need to pay. Well, we’re also just human, so it never hurts to take the ticket to court and take action on it.
Plus, even if you have those tickets paid off, they still end up on your driving record, which means that they could make other aspects of your life more expensive, such as insurance. That’s right; your car insurance premiums will go up if you have any type of traffic violation on your record and can significantly go up based on the more severe ticket violations given out.
Doing the exact opposite, which is not paying the tickets, will have them become much more expensive, still show up on your record, and put you into significant debt and issues with insurance premiums. You may also have a warrant for arrest for not paying a ticket which will incur more fees. If you already have a warrant don’t worry as we can still help you out.
Also, there’s no statute of limitations on traffic violations meaning they’ll be around as long as you’re around. So don’t worry; we can also handle unpaid parking tickets and traffic violations easily and still get you a beneficial settlement in the end.

Why use a traffic ticket law firm?
Our firm covers all traffic violations, not just the ones we’ve mentioned above. So traffic violations such as running a red light or not stopping at a stop sign, speeding in a school zone, lack of insurance ticket, any moving violation, and anything else related to traffic violations, we have you covered. You simply need to tell us what happened, provide as much information and evidence as you can, and we can help you with your traffic ticket violation, save on your insurance and keep you out of jail when it gets too extreme.
We’ll even help to dismiss your warrants if you have had too many unresolved traffic violations and started receiving Failure to Appear notices. As they pile up and get older in your history, those unresolved traffic tickets will be quite the challenge for you to handle on your own. It only won’t if you’ve got a complete knowledge of the traffic laws in Texas and EL Paso, as well as keeping the most detailed documents possible.
We work within the law and go beyond simply proving a ticket is illegible or has inaccurate information. While that may help in certain situations, we focus on whatever the actual violation is and work to get a dismissal every single time, but it will also help to accept a reduced fine at the same time.

Our experience will give you peace of mind
We are based in the El Paso, Texas area, and know where all the pain points are to get traffic violations, what the most are on a local scale, and what the best approach is to be able to get these traffic violations off of your record, and saving you money.
We also can provide fixed and transparent pricing and tend to always cost less than the actual ticket would cost if paid in full and if the insurance premiums would also go up. So don’t let yourself turn into a victim of traffic violations and have those crushing fees come and break your budget in these uncertain times.

El PasoTraffic Ticket Firm is the Solution
The sooner you start to reach out to us, the sooner we can begin to help you out. We’ll let you know whether the course needs to go to the local EL Paso municipal court and what needs to be done specifically for your case. We work at the minimum to ensure that there will always be a cap on how much you’ll end up paying, especially for past due unpaid traffic violations and that we work to keep you out of having to serve any jail time.
You can pay for the ticket as it comes in. You can head to court when you’re asked and prepare to defend yourself with whatever knowledge and experience for traffic violations law you have. Or you can spare yourself the headache, have us handle all the heavy lifting, and address any misdemeanors (Classes A through C), ordinance violations, or any other traffic charges you may get.
Don’t get yourself paying those huge fees, which can easily go up to several thousand dollars. This is especially true when you also feel you weren’t at fault and it was discourse between yourself and the police officer.
So when you’re ready, call us or fill out the form, and we one of our El Paso, Texas-based traffic ticket lawyer firm will get back to you as soon as possible and take your case on its path to victory.

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