Your best option is to hire an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney who can help you beat your speeding violation, which will allow you to avoid the fines, higher insurance premiums, and state surcharges. While you can just pay the ticket, it is not advisabel to do so. Driver’s licenses can be suspended if you go over the allowable points of the Texas Point System.
You may have options available to you, depending on why your license was suspended in the first place. To best protect any potential options, do not drive illegally. You could be cited for driving while license suspended, in which case you will not only need an attorney to help you with the suspension but also to provide you with no license defense.
Contact my law firm as soon as possible. Your options may vary depending on the type of traffic warrant that was issued. It is vital that you consult with a skilled lawyer before making any decision.
If you fail to appear to take care of a citation, you may be reported to the Omni Database. When you are reported to the Omni Database, which is maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety, you will not be able to renew your driver’s license. The license is not suspended or revoked because of an Omni Hold; it just cannot be renewed until the Omni Hold is removed. However, if you are unable to renew your driver’s license because of an Omni Hold, and continue to drive, you are subject to being issued a citation for driving while license invalid. The Omni Hold will not be lifted until the court notifies the Department of Public Safety that you have resolved your case and paid a $10.00 Omni fee ($30 for citations issued prior to 01/01/2020). Not all courts report delinquent tickets to the Omni Database. If you have an Omni Hold on your license and would like help in getting the hold removed, please feel free to contact one of our experienced traffic citation lawyers today.
No, but we will do our best and have a high success rate. We’ll do as much as we can to get each traffic ticket dismissed. The more tickets that you have and the older your traffic citations are, the greater the chance that we can get some or all of your ticket(s) dismissed. We may also be able to have tickets dismissed by certain errors on traffic citations, though not always. Be cautious of any law firm guarantees that your ticket(s) will be dismissed.

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Rob “El Jefe” TruRob “El Jefe” Tru
22:25 11 Jan 23
Truly the best staff and wonderful results every time will definitely tell all my friends and family to use this firms services for all my traffic ticket needs.
Axel GonzalezAxel Gonzalez
19:24 15 Aug 22
Got my traffic ticket dismissed. I think that speaks for itself, so do I recommend? obviously!
Juan MendezJuan Mendez
19:45 10 Jul 20
First and foremost, I’d like to start off by saying I give the law office of Robert Navar my highest endorsement! So I resorted to them after I was denied my DL renewal due to some old driving citations I was unaware I had that turned into warrants. Anyhow, I had four tickets totaling $800 and they only charged me $120 and in a couple a months got them DISMISSED . I didn’t have to show up for court nor send any proof of insurance etc. These guys are the real deal!!!!!!!🙏🏼
Sam ASam A
15:24 09 Aug 19
I have a CDL it's so important to not have any violations on my record. Joseph from the front office did an amazing job keeping me informed of all the pertinent documentation I needed to submit, keeping me up to date on the most important court dates. Robert Navar represented me perfectly by far the number one attorney in El Paso. This was a perfect experience.
Quinton DitmoreQuinton Ditmore
01:42 07 Nov 16
First off great customer service. I came into the office for a traffic ticket that turned into a warrant. Within a few days my warrants was dismissed. Now I'm just waiting for the outcome of my ticket but so far so good will be back with an update. The ladies at Mr. Navar's office very attentive to all my questions and concerns I'm sure they hear the same thing every day all day LOL but still treated me as if though they had just heard this story before. I really appreciate that.
Darko _Darko _
15:48 23 Aug 16
Robert Navar sincerely cares for his clients and is great a his job and doing so. He helped me with a protective order case and made me feel safe and reassured. If you're looking for a lawyer who doesn't care all about the money, and is sincere and humble, and will fight until justice is served, then Robert Navar is the man to go to!He believes in what is right and is the best lawyer to take forth on. Thank you Robert for always reassuring me and doing such a wonderful job at what you do.
Aylin HerediaAylin Heredia
00:34 17 Jun 16
What an awesome experience we had. My husband and I had been struggling with the state trying to reinstate his license from when he was younger. We had tried for 4 months to gather everything the state needed but always came up short. I advise my husband to hire a lawyer. From the moment we sat down I knew we were in the right place. The knowledge Mr. Navar had was amazing! The confidence he had was awesome. He knew what people to contact and got everything done for us in less than 2 hours. It was a relief to know my husband was getting his license soon. I definitely will be using this lawyer in the future.
Liz GarciaLiz Garcia
05:21 09 Jun 16
Recently, I received a speeding ticket in El Paso and hired this firm to represent me. I did not want it to affect my driving record and I assumed it would consider how much over the speed limit I was going. A friend referred me after they had handled his ticket. I was highly impressed with the firm and with the results. Think I only find amount lowered by over 50% and negotiated to keep the ticket off my driving record, something that I doubt I could have done myself. They kept me informed every step of the way via email which gave me a peace of mind that everything was being taken care of. They are an exceptional firm and I highly recommend them! I would definitely use them again if I get another ticket.
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