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Lawyer For Traffic Tickets in El Paso.  Do you need a assistance finding a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in El Paso Tx.?  I have several years experience as a traffic attorney.  I can help with a ticket dismissal or get you more favorable terms to keep that violation off your driving license. Whatever your infraction, I’m sure I have seen it before – and, in most cases, have successfully dealt with it without my client having to go to traffic court or see the judge.  Finding a competent  Ticket Dismissal Lawyer in El Paso Texas can be a tough task.  There are so many variables to consider when looking to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. Here are just some reasons.  See what others are saying by checking out their reviews from other sites, when you call the office are the legal assistants friendly?  When calling for a status update is it easy to get a hold of your  traffic ticket attorney?  These are just a few things to think over when deciding to retain the services of a Traffic Citation Lawyer in El paso Tx.

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Lawyer for Traffic Citations Robert Navar is here to help

El Paso Traffic Ticket Lawyer
City of El Paso traffic ticket violations. Which are issued by City of El Paso Police Officers, are handled in the City of El Paso Municipal Court. El Paso County traffic tickets, which are issued by El Paso County Constables or Sheriffs, are handled in the El Paso County Justice of the Peace Courts.  I can handle all those jurisdictions.  (Fees vary depending on the court)

After receiving a traffic citation in the City of El Paso, you have twenty-one days to pay your ticket or appear in court and enter a plea. In other jurisdictions / municipalities, the appearance date varies. If you do not make an appearance, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and your fine will increase. In addition, the Court may issue an additional offense known as a Failure to Appear.

The only way to dispose of this warrant is to post a cash bond for the fines owed. Alternatively, you can hire an attorney for traffic tickets  who can post a bond on your behalf so you do not have to come up with the money for the outstanding fine. In most instances, hiring an experienced El Paso traffic ticket attorney is less expensive than paying the fines. Simply paying the fine would result in a conviction on your record.  A conviction on your record can mean additional fines from the State of Texas. Those come in  the form of Surcharges which very few attorneys can help if any. As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  For City of El Paso Traffic Ticket Class C Misdemeanors other than traffic tickets (such as Public Intoxication, Minors in Possession, or Class C Assaults, city code violations), the attorney fees do vary.
El Paso Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Violations Attorney
Do you know how to have a traffic ticket citation offense dismissed or keep it off your driving record we can help with that?
Moving violations occur while the vehicle is in motion and while typically charged as a Class C misdemeanor, these violations can be charged as Class A or B misdemeanors or, in more serious cases, can be charged as a felony. A moving violation will generally involve paying a fine and you will have to deal with the points which are placed on your permanent driving record. Have you missed your appearance date?  Check here  El Paso Municipal Court to see if you missed your court date for El Paso Traffic Tickets.  if you find a violation call me.  Just give me a call to research your case.  I handle traffic infractions issued by law enforcement in El Paso, Horizon City, Clint, Canutillo, San Elizario, Anthony and  the city of Socorro.  Let me El Paso Ticket Lawyer help you with your ticket and warrant issues in both the city (municipal) and county (justice of the peace) courts. I handle traffic ticket issues in the following cities: El Paso, Horizon City, Clint and Socorro.

Attorney for Traffic Ticket in El Paso Tx. Robert Navar also Defends:

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I defend Traffic Tickets Citations in El Paso County Texas
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