Getting Warrants Recalled in El Paso Texas

Warrants in El Paso Texas 

If you have a warrant for your arrest in El Paso, Texas because you missed a court date for your traffic ticket citation. There a few steps you should take. Sometimes in life we get busy and sometimes forget little things like a court date. If you find out that a bench warrant has been issued for an arrest warrant the most important thing you should do is take immediate action. By either hiring a traffic ticket attorney or taking care of it yourself. Remember when there is a warrant out for your arrest can get picked up at any time by police officer from a routine traffic stop, or if you have to go to court for a separate matter.

How come warrants are issued?
The El Paso courts issue warrants for many reasons let’s cover a couple of the most common warrants.

Bench warrant El Paso. This is a warrant instructed law enforcement to take a person into custody and bring the person before the court to address the reason the warrant was issued the most common issue of bench warrants are for failures to appear. Our violating some court order like paying a fine or completing community service forgetting to pay your child support or failing to take defensive driving for a routine traffic ticket citation. Now if the police pick you up for warrant you might be held in jail until the court has a hearing. Or you may be required to post a bond and pay court.

Arrest Warrant.  If the police have enough evidence that a crime was committed and officer can request that the court issue a warrant for your arrest once in custody you can be held without bail until an arraignment date is set.  If there is a warrants issued for your arrest. This would be a good time to contact a traffic ticket lawyer in El Paso. An attorney in El Paso will be able to navigate the court’s to ensure that you don’t go to jail.

Missing your Court Appearance
For class C misdemeanors such as traffic ticket citations, animal control tickets, food handling license. You may receive a notice from the court to appear. If you do not appear to the court.  Or have your traffic ticket lawyer go on your behalf,  you will have violated the court order and the judge can issue a warrant which is also known as a failure to appear.

What to do next?
Unless you have extensive experience in the courts, navigating the court system can be an arduous task. If you know you missed a court appearance for a traffic ticket citation and have been issued a warrant. No need to worry were here to help. I’m a traffic ticket attorney in El Paso Texas. Consult with me immediately so we can explore alternatives from going to jail. Some options include posting a bond for you to recall your warrants in El Paso County.  As an experienced traffic ticket lawyer I know how to handle an arrest warrant in El Paso. In many cases I can appear on your behalf without you even having to show up to court. Give me a call today so I can look into your warrants and get them recalled.